Selling out sneakers through voice

Nike partnered with RAIN and R/GA to coordinate the world’s first live sneaker “drop” done exclusively through voice.



The Nike Adapt BB is the most innovative shoe to hit the market in years. Instead of laces, the Adapt BB automatically adjusts to the contours of your feet with the touch 
of a button. To introduce this shoe to the world, Nike partnered with RAIN and R/GA 
to coordinate the world’s first live sneaker “drop” done exclusively through voice.

During TNT’s live telecast of the Lakers/Celtics game (go Celts!), voice prompts supplemented the live game. Viewers could ask Google questions about the product 
and explore the Adapt’s rich history. During halftime, users could even buy the shoe through Google Assistant while Charles Barkley talked about the shoe in real time. Product placement for the win!

“From the first day we kicked off, I have never doubted we picked the right partner.”

Max Kramer
Brand Marketing Digital Innovation Manager, Nike


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RAIN was awarded three Cannes Lions
around this activation.


Voice works best when it’s part of a larger ecosystem. For Nike, we were able to link Google data to Nike’s SNKRS app that handled real time inventory management and fulfillment, which enabled frictionless transactions for the user.

What datasets and touch points are most important to your organization? Are they accessible? Structured?

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The First Voice-Activated Sneaker Drop

The unique and notable variable in this activation was building up to a surprise, climactic moment between brand and user, when limited, time-gated access to a much-hyped sneaker became known. All other elements of the experience were in service of telling the shoe’s story from the athlete’s perspective...

Nike Voice Sale for Sneaker Launch Runs Away with Cannes Lions Awards

A collaboration between Nike, R/GA and RAIN introduced a real-time voice assistant sale on a new sneaker model during an NBA basketball game in February. This past week the campaign earned three Cannes Lions awards. The event earned the R/GA, RAIN and Nike team bronze lions in Creative eCommerce, Excellence in Brand Integration, and Sponsorships and Use of Integrated Media.

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